AusViet: bringing hope and health to disadvantaged people in Australia and Vietnam

AFT Pharmaceuticals was approached by Dr Nguyen Nguyen, a representative of the AusViet Charity Foundation. This charity is a ‘rolling medical community’ established by a number of Australian professionals in 2015.

In 2019, AFT and the AusViet Charity Foundation entered their second year of collaboration. Building on the work in Tra Cu (south of Ho Chi Minh city) in 2018, the charity visited Phu Tho in the northern highlands of Vietnam in 2019.

AFT’s contribution was providing large quantities of pharmaceutical products that were sorely needed in the area, including HYLO®-FRESH, Candacort® cream, Crystaderm® antiseptic cream, Cromo-FRESH® allergy eye drops, Allersoothe® tablets, Ferro-Tab® iron tablets and Lax-Tab®.

Working together with qualified Australian health professionals in collaboration with local Vietnamese health workers and volunteers, key achievements included more than 950 medical assessments, 482 dental treatments for children, 141 physiotherapy treatments, 119 optometry treatments and 3,400 prescriptions.

To discuss opportunities for charity work, please contact us.