ANZLF 2018

Earlier this week Hartley Atkinson, Managing Director of AFT Pharmaceuticals Ltd was proudly invited to attend The Australian New Zealand Leadership Forum (ANZLF), alongside 249 other Australian and New Zealand business and community leaders, twelve Government Ministers and two Prime Ministers.

This is the twelfth meeting of the ANZLF where Australia and New Zealand work together strengthen their partnership and tackle the challenges of economic growth and productivity.

In the past few years New Zealand and Australia have made a significant progress towards a more seamless economic environment and this has continued to benefit businesses and consumers on both sides of the Tasman as well as  provide a strong platform and model for regional economic integration.

Ideas on trans-Tasman economic integration and on strengthening Australia and New Zealand’s partnership in Asia-Pacific region were discussed as well as the following five identified areas worth pursuing, these being: agribusiness, tourism, health technology, infrastructure and innovation.