AFT Wins Ventura Supplier of the Year Award 2018

We are super proud to be announced as the 2018 Ventura Health Supplier of the year!

Read below to see what Ventura had to say about our partnership with them over 2018. 

“AFT started 2018 with an innovative and proactive approach to codeine rescheduling and supporting pharmacies to help their customers ‘make the switch’ to readily available strong pain relief solution. The ‘Make the Switch’ campaign involved Maxigesic Mondays and in-store Pain Professionals that wore Pain Professional t-shirts and badges to help educate shoppers on the alternatives and benefits of non-codeine OTC pain management medication.

As a strong supporter of the Ventura Health network, AFT have consistently engaged in promotional activities. AFT have been nimble in identifying opportunities throughout the year, making them a standout supplier within our network.

Consistently AFT have worked with Ventura Health to identify new and alternative ways to engage our network, to drive extra sales for our network. This ‘Over and above’ mindset has resulted in excellent results for AFT, Ventura Health, and our network. AFT have been extremely proactive in presenting new and different opportunities, and working through ways of managing these opportunities so the customer and pharmacies can capitalise in such a competitive market. The strong store support and relationships have been a driving force behind a refreshing approach to supplier relationships within our network.”