AFT Pharmaceuticals establishes Orphan Drug Foundation

AFT Pharmaceuticals has commenced an orphan drug company with operations in Auckland, New Zealand; Sydney, Australia with plans to establish operations in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to effectively cover ANZ and SE Asia.

The key management team at AFT Orphan are Mr Giles Moss who is an experienced Asia Pharma Regional Executive in Asia based in Malaysia and Dr Hartley Atkinson, founder and CEO of AFT Pharma.

“This initiative has arisen from recognising that few orphan drugs reach patients in Asia Pacific (following a survey of top orphan drugs sold in the US and whether they were available to Asia Pacific patients). There is great societal need for orphan drugs – the formation of AFT Orphan hopes to improve access for US and EU orphan drugs by leveraging our experience in accessing multiple markets in the region” said Orphan Director Mr. Moss.

“The key here seems to be that there are many companies in western markets that need a fully serviced Pharma Company that is capable of fulfilling all the required Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory functions as well as interaction with key opinion leaders and patient groups. Furthermore this is exactly the sort of business project that we just love to do where as a company we are also helping patients who are clearly not always getting the medicines that they should,” said AFT Pharma CEO, Dr Atkinson.

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