AFT introduces new HYLO-FRESH and HYLO-FORTE

AFT Pharmaceuticals is pleased to announce the launch of new HYLO®-FRESH and HYLO- FORTE® eye drops to the Australasian market.

These preservative-free and phosphate-free eye drops are delivered in a unique medical device that provides an ingenious new solution for the treatment of dry eye, severe and chronic cases of dry eye, or post-surgery.

The patented COMOD® bottle is an air-less multi-dose application system that ensures the precise delivery of at least 300 sterile and preservative-free drops in each 10ml pack. HYLO®-FRESH utilises high quality sodium hyaluronate (0.1%) to provide effective and long-lasting lubrication for dry eyes of moderate to medium severity.

HYLO-FORTE® is formulated with an elevated concentration of sodium hyaluronate (0.2%) producing a high viscosity product that provides more intensive lubrication of severe or chronic cases of dry eye, without vision impairment. It is also suitable for use following surgery. HYLO®- FRESH and HYLO-FORTE® eye drops both have a use-up period of six months after opening, and are compatible with all contact lenses.