AFT further broadens R&D pipeline with new product candidate for Vulva Lichen Sclerosus

AFT Pharmaceuticals (ASX: AFP, NZX: AFT) today announces that it has entered into a further partnership with one of its long-standing research and development partners, Belgium’s Hyloris Pharmaceuticals to develop a novel treatment for the management of the skin condition Vulvar Lichen Sclerosus (VLS) where there is limited availability of approved treatments.

The medicine (HY-091) comes in the form of a mucosal adhesive patch product and is based on a known pharmaceutical compound. It also targets an extended duration of action and a convenient application method that ensures simplicity and compliance in patients with the disease.

Under the terms of the agreement, AFT and Hyloris will co-invest for the development of HY-091 for the purpose of registration, approval and worldwide commercialisation. This collaboration brings together the strengths of Hyloris and AFT, combining strong internal R&D capabilities and solid expertise in clinical trial management.

AFT Managing Director Dr Hartley Atkinson says: “This additional collaboration combines the strengths of AFT and Hyloris and leverages our current Maxigesic® IV and Burning Mouth Syndrome R&D partnerships. I look forward realising the success and growth potential the medicine offers our companies and importantly assists our combined international expansion goals.”

“We had previously flagged to the market at our announcement of 22 December 2023 that we were targeting further increasing our R&D pipeline with three projects under diligence. This was one of those projects, and we confirm that we are still working to complete diligence on a further two projects. We continue to pursue an expansion of the R&D pipeline recognising that these projects underpin our aspirations for long-term global expansion,” said Dr Atkinson.

VLS1,2,3 is a chronic, distressing, inflammatory disease with an enormous impact on quality of life. HY-091 is designed as a user-friendly mucoadhesive film product for patients experiencing the discomfort, itching, and pain associated with VLS.

There is no curative treatment for VLS, which usually occurs in postmenopausal women, although children and premenopausal women may be affected. Advanced disease severely affects the quality of life and is associated with increased risk of vulvar squamous cell carcinoma. It is a hugely under diagnosed condition, which affects 0.1% to 3% of the general population.

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