AFT launches preservative-free antibacterial eye drop Ocuzo

AFT Pharmaceuticals has opened a new front in its eye drop portfolio, with the introduction of a preservative-free product called Ocuzo for bacterial eye infections.

The antibiotic eye drop – with the active ingredient chloramphenicol 5mg/mL – is available in a 10mL multidose bottle and is a Pharmacist Only Medicine (S3) therapy.

It is approved for the treatment of ocular bacterial infections caused by organisms susceptible to chloramphenicol.

AFT – whose entire ophthalmic portfolio comprises preservative-free products – stated there is a comparative product already available, but it’s not preservative-free, indicating a significant unmet need for patients.

It said preserving agents can have negative effects, including changes to the composition of the tear film, allergies and ultimately worsening symptoms.

“Infected eyes need relief, so minimise the risk of further irritation by recommending a treatment that is preservative-free,” the company stated.

“Ocuzo may be a better choice for patients who have pre-existing ocular surface conditions, to minimise the potential risk of irritation from preservatives.”

The Ocuzo bottle design also includes a one-way valve and a silicone plug which protect the product from microbial contamination, enabling the product to be formulated without preservatives.