One of the major issues for patients with rare diseases is gaining access to affordable orphan drugs within the Australia/New Zealand and ASEAN regions. United States and European Union prices for medicines treating rare diseases have become increasingly expensive and this is a significant barrier in markets where government reimbursement does not exist, and where, in reality, patients and their families pay for their medication.

One example of AFT Orphan helping to address this imbalance arose with our relationship with a Japanese pharmaceutical company. Access to treatment was a significant problem for people with a particular respiratory rare disease.

AFT Orphan managed to reduce prices to patients with this disease by more than 50% compared to the prices paid for the same drug in Western countries. This was achieved by licensing in an orphan drug from the Japanese company and constructing a regulatory file which allowed application for registration across the region. This kind of activity takes years to implement and complete and AFT Pharmaceuticals is prepared to undertake clinical trials (in a non-core R&D area) in Asian patients to ensure successful treatment.