AFT Pharmaceuticals has a high-calibre internal R&D team. However, pharmaceutical R&D cannot be done in isolation from other experts in the field

It is, by its very nature, a collaborative exercise.

So we partner with a variety of Australasian and international experts to assist in our R&D programme.

These include:

  • specialist clinical trial companies across New Zealand Australia, Europe, US, and the Middle East
  • academic institutions
  • scientific consultants, for example, toxicology and PK-PD experts
  • data management providers and statisticians
  • NGOs who assist with Orphan drug prioritisation


Central government can act as a partner also. For example, AFT Pharmaceuticals was fortunate enough to receive a Technology Development Grant from the New Zealand government (2012) which has assisted with meeting the costs of some key clinical trial work as well as a number of other R&D expenses.