We are committed to developing new and improved medicines through an R&D model that sees the intellectual property (IP) developed and retained within the company. The IP behind our products has been out-licensed to over 40 countries. We are currently focusing our research in the areas of analgesics, allergic rhinitis, injectables, and a variety of niche products. We have recently completed a pivotal clinical study in the US and NZ which will form the basis of our first patent filing with the US Food and Drug Administration.

Medical Devices

A wide range of devices are used in the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of medical conditions. We have several research projects underway that will significantly improve current device technologies. This includes our new patented intra-nasal drug delivery device. The scope for the new device is considerable, in part because of the new technology it uses, and also because of the wide variety of conditions it may benefit.

Orphan Drug Development

Our orphan drug development programme is driven by a desire to assist people who are suffering rare conditions where treatments are not available, or where current medicines are out of reach financially. The areas we focus tend to align with the expertise of our own R&D team, for example interstitial pulmonary fibrosis (a condition where a person’s lungs have trouble expanding). We also partner with other companies or institutions specialising in research from whom we may license a drug in order to make it more widely available. What to know more about AFT Pharmaceuticals involvement with Orphan Drugs?

What We Do

We develop innovative products that help people. We do this by looking at peoples’ healthcare needs, understanding how needs are changing, and how we can provide treatment options that work.


Who We Are

Back in 1997, husband and wife team Hartley and Marree Atkinson hit the road selling products and AFT Pharmaceuticals was born. In Australasia, our product line now extends to over 55 products.