R&D Publications

Learn about the pharmaceutical publications that members of our R&D team have authored or contributed to.


Atkinson HC & Dufful S. “Prediction of drug loss from PVC  infusion bags”. NZHPA conference proceedings (1988)

Begg EJ, Atkinson HC, Jeffery M & Taylor N “Comparison of computerised prediction of aminoglycoside dosage with dosage based on physician intuition.” ASCEP conference proceedings - Monash, Victoria, Australia (1987)

Atkinson HC “Chloroform use in oral medicines”. Pan Pacific Pharmacy Conference - Christchurch (1986)

Atkinson, HC, Gopal YC & McKeown RH “The feasibility of licit production of morphine derivatives in New Zealand - codeine and pholcodine in particular”. NZHPA conference proceedings Vol 2 (1985)