Exactly how pharmaceutical companies develop new products can be something of a mystery. So we'd like to throw some light on the R&D process that we use.

    formulation           preclinical           clinicaltrials           registration
     1. Formulation                 2. Pre-clinical               3. Clinical Trials           4. Registration

There are basically four stages that we go through - the same as most pharmaceutical companies. Stage one is formulation. This is where we identify what indications (i.e. medical conditions) we want to address. Once we know this, we explore active molecules to see whether we can improve their effectiveness.

If we have a positive result, we have the product manufactured to determine whether it’s palatable and stable, and also to prove that we can produce the drug at the volume we’re going to need if it turns into a full-scale commercial product.

Work we do in this phase might lead to a patent. Maxigesic is a good example. Paracetamol and ibuprofen (two common ingredients) were combined in a new ratio that resulted in improved efficacy compared to previous combinations. So this ratio was patented before we went any further in the process. This is fairly standard way of operating.