Our next generation nebuliser

Our next generation nebuliser

One of our patented technologies in the pipeline is a medical device for intra-nasal delivery of medication.

Our device uses ultrasonic energy to nebulise the medication in the form of a mist to provide a more effective and safer delivery of a wide range of medicines.

Current ultrasonic and mechanical nebulisers exist in hospitals but these are typically bulky requiring an external power source and a pump or a fan to deliver medication, while other portable nebulisers typically only provide slow delivery rates and are more aimed at lung inhalation rather than nasal drug-delivery. Our device however, is a highly compact and portable device, intended for use both at home and in clinical settings and is specifically targeted for nasal drug-delivery.

Existing nebulisers do a reasonable job. But the R&D team at AFT Pharmaceuticals decided they could better. For example, one of the issues with nebulisers used in hospitals is they tend to be large and bulky, and require a plug-in power source. By contrast, AFT Pharmaceutical’s new nebuliser is highly compact and does not require external power. Even more significant is the technology at the core of the device which allows for more effective and controlled delivery of a wide range of medicines.

For these reasons (and others), this product has attracted a lot of interest around the world. Clinical trials are currently underway.

Our nebuliser, and other projects we have in our pipeline, validates the intensive focus we have on R&D. It demonstrates the idea that ‘smart pharma’ can improve on an existing product to significantly improve treatment options.