AFT Orphan Drug Foundation helping improve access to medicines for people with rare diseases & medical conditions


We don’t speak for others, but as a successful company, we think it’s important to give back. AFT Orphan is the main way we do this.

AFT Orphan started in 2012. The aim is to be the leading company in Southeast Asia providing access to orphan medicines for patients suffering from rare diseases. Our office is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We’re based in Southeast Asia precisely because the Asia-Pacific region stands out for all the wrong reasons when it comes to orphan treatments. Regrettably, there is a clear lack of access to these life changing medicines in this part of the world. AFT Orphan is trying to turn that around.

AFT Orphan provides low-cost access to drugs through medical specialists and hospitals.

We do this by developing our own orphan drugs. This is primarily the responsibility of our R&D team in New Zealand. Plus we license (and sometimes improve) products already developed by other companies or institutions. Either way, we reduce the price significantly so that people with rare conditions can access treatment.

AFT Orphan is expected to be a profitable entity. Understandably though revenue is much reduced compared with ordinary pharmaceutical sales and licensing. But this is the point. As Hartley Atkinson notes:

"Yes we are forgoing profit. But if no-one can access these drugs because they are too expensive, then it’s the worst of both worlds. Its bad for the company making the drug available. But most importantly, it’s bad for the patients who need treatment but can’t get it.”

AFT Orphan has a number of exciting orphan treatments currently in various stages of development and licensing. Details of these will be made available as timing permits. These products will be used by people suffering with rare conditions in South East Asia.