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AFT Pharmaceuticals is a privately owned company with operations in Australia and New Zealand with a developing organisation in South East Asia (based out of its regional office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). The company was founded in 1997 by Dr Hartley Atkinson.

The vision of AFT Orphan is to be the leading company in Asia, Australia and New Zealand providing access to orphan medicines for patients suffering from rare diseases.

AFT Orphan Mission


Giles Moss

  • Provide a low risk and cost effective solution for Biotech companies with commercialised Orphan Drugs to access Asia, Australia and New Zealand.
  • To leverage established infrastructure and widespread  industry expertise to ensure rapid patient and physician access to important life changing therapies.
  • To built custom solutions for the ethical medical promotion of orphan drugs which could include central teams operating at the regional key opinion leader level or more involved individual country sales organisations.  
  • To be transparent, providing reassurance to partners that promotion will be ethical and backed by best in class operations, supply chain and  pharmaco-vigilance.

The AFT Orphan competitive advantage is that we can leverage a unique depth of functional experience within the team. With fully established capabilities in research and development, clinical trial database management (patient registries), regulatory, supply chain and pharmaco-vigilance we provide the ideal base to build a bespoke medical/marketing organisation to maximise orphan success across the region.

For Orphan Business Development enquiries please email or call +60193725670.

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Secure OD supply chains and PV reporting in Asia Pacific

Friday, March 16, 2012

Every company with a commercialized Orphan Drug has gone through the blood, sweat and tears required to register their product in either the US or EU. If that first registration was gained in the EU then every effort will be made to ensure introduction in the US as soon as possible - these two markets are the key global commercial opportunities. They also offer secure supply chains and predictable pharmaco-vigilance (PV) reporting in a way that ensures the minimum amount of risk is created through commercial activities.

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